Highland Builders | Projects
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Commercial Projects

Sloan’s Place

Mile High Place

2434 Federal Blvd.

The Everett

The Mile

The Quimby

The Hoyt

Residential Projects

Denver Modern Farmhouse

Highland Transitional Modern

Highlands California Modern

Modern Gable House

Denver Contemporary

Lakewood Ranch

Other Projects

Property Type Address
Single-Family 3363 W Moncrieff Pl
Single-Family 1915 Meade St
Single-Family 2767 Java Ct
Single-Family 2245 Grove St
Tri-Plex 3120 W 23rd Ave
Duplex 3127 W Conejos Pl
Duplex 1515 King St
Duplex 3166 W 29th Ave
Office 864 Santa Fe Dr
Office 3132 Federal Blvd
Land 3138 Federal Blvd
Office 2247 Federal Blvd
Land 1605 Sheridan Blvd
Single-Family 3267 Stuart St
Single-Family 3259 Stuart St
Land 1590 Ames
Land 3131 W Conejos Pl
Duplex 1472 Newton St
Duplex 1655 Sheridan Blvd
Duplex 1659 Sheridan Blvd
Office Remodel 1930 W 41st Ave
Single Family Remodel 8855 W 32nd Pl