Highland Builders | Projects
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Featured Projects

Sloan’s Place

Mile High Place

2434 Federal Blvd.

The Everett

The Mile

The Quimby

Coming Soon

The Hoyt

Other Projects

Property Type Address
Single-Family 3363 W Moncrieff Pl
Single-Family 1915 Meade St
Single-Family 2767 Java Ct
Single-Family 2245 Grove St
Tri-Plex 3120 W 23rd Ave
Duplex 3127 W Conejos Pl
Duplex 1515 King St
Duplex 3166 W 29th Ave
Office 864 Santa Fe Dr
Office 3132 Federal Blvd
Land 3138 Federal Blvd
Office 2247 Federal Blvd
Land 1605 Sheridan Blvd
Single-Family 3267 Stuart St
Single-Family 3259 Stuart St
Land 1590 Ames
Land 3131 W Conejos Pl
Duplex 1472 Newton St
Duplex 1655 Sheridan Blvd
Duplex 1659 Sheridan Blvd
Office Remodel 1930 W 41st Ave
Single Family Remodel 8855 W 32nd Pl